Long stay disount 1,000yen/day, Welcome to Guesthouse Kerama in OKINAWA

Opening Special Discount!
One night 1,600yen → 1,400yen/per person.
In aditiion, now we offer long stay disount.

Cheap and Clean!

now 1,600yen → 1,000yen~1,400yen

We have a Women's floor

You can choose a desirable one among these styles.(mix dormitory, female only dormitory, private room, or a room for family)

Air-Conditioning for 24 hours

Please feel free to contact us for any questions and book your bed / room by using the following E-mail address.

The longer you stay, the more you save.

Good location for Diving

Our guesthouse is located in a great location especially for divers. There are lots of beautiful spots for diving around Guesthouse Kerama. You can make a day trip to each beach such as Zamami, Kozamami, Aka, Tokashiki, and Aharen.

It is an accessible place to the "OKINAWA MARATHON" as well.

For those who are thinking of living in Okinawa, we recommend that you should try out a daily life in OKINAWA by staying at KERAMA GUEST HOUSE for a while. We think that might be a good way to check out if your imagination matches the real situation of OKINAWA's culture.

KERAMA ISLAND Snorkeling Package

Half Day Snorkeling and Introductory Diving to CHIBISI (Kerama Islands)

You can enjoy Cooking

We have a free parking lot for your bicycle and motorcycle. Parking for car is 500 yen / day. We also have a large kitchen with dining table.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry either by email or phone.

Check-in at Midnight

We are also supported Airlines Late-night flights. If you want late check-in, please write check-in time and flight number at reservation form.

Phone number of Okinawa Guesthouse Kerama is 098-863-5898

E-mail address of Okinawa Guesthouse Kerama


Please call between 9:00 - 0:00(midnight).
Please leave a message if you reach the answering machine.

Address: Okinawa Guesthouse Kerama 3-12-21 Maejima Naha Okinawa (Postal Code: 900-0016)

E-mail address: kerama@guesthouse-okinawa.com

Phone number: 098-863-5898

浮島フロートカフェ (Ukishima Float Cafe)

国際通りから浮島通りを一分、 新旧入り混じった裏通りにフロートはあります。
泡盛やゴーヤチャンプルーなどの定番メニューはもちろん、 気さくなスタッフが旅行の相談にものってくれますよ。
晩ご飯を迷っている方は、旅の思い出にぜひ遊びにいってみて下さい。 お一人様から大歓迎しております。


Open: 18:00~26:00
Tel: 098-943-9650

Guesthouse Kerama digest version

Guesthouse Kerama digest version