Privacy policy

About the protection of individual information policy

The following policies are provided and it comes to the implementation as much as possible in Guesthouse Kerama in Okinawa.

  • 1.The law concerning protection of individual information and other standards are observed.
  • 2.It takes care of within the range of the purpose of use that specifies individual information for the customer.Our company never collects and uses individual information from the customer without permission.Moreover, it uses it only within the range to have won consent even when winning consent.
  • 3.The system of management in in-house is established, and the sharing of responsibility is clarified.
  • 4.A reasonable security precaution is taken to the risk concerning individual information on unlawful computer access, the loss, destruction, the falsification, and the leakage, etc. to individual information.
  • 5.Individual information is not offered to third parties other than shared person who specified it when acquiring it without obtaining the person in question's agreement, except when admitted exceptionally by ordinance.
  • 6.I will correspond within a reasonable period and the range after being going being to confirm the offered customer is a person in question when disclosing and the correction, etc. of own individual information are hoped to the customer.
  • 7.The law that relates to protection of individual information and other standards are observed, and the approach of protection of individual information is continuously reviewed, and improved according to the change in the social climate.

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