Group tariffs

■ Private room (with 2 beds)

  • 2 persons 5,000yen
  • 1 person 4,000yen
  • Child before junior high school are free.
    (Please inform the age and number of the children when you make a reservation)


■ Private room (a 7.5 tatami-mat room)

  • 1 person 3,800yen→3,400yen
  • 2 persons 5,200yen→4,000yen in total for 2 persons
  • 3 persons 6,300yen→5,500yen in total for 3 persons
  • 4 persons 7,400yen→6,500yen in total for 4 persons
  • 5 persons 8,500yen→7,500yen in total for 5 persons
  • more people with additional ¥1,000 each per person.
  • *Every child which is under the age of 6 are admitted free of charge. But the kids have to lie by the side of you on the same futon-mat.

Private room

Dormitory (per person)


  • Prices start from as little as 1,000yen per night.
    1,600yen→1,400yen per night
  • Special Discount in a dormitory
    1,600yen→1,000yen per night
  • *You can get a special discount that we reduce the price to 1,000yen! when you pay over-30days' charge in advance.
  • *All prices include tax, free Internet access, and utilities.




  • 料金はすべて現金、前払いになります


  • 当日のキャンセルのみ、1泊分(100%)いただきます。
  • 2泊目以降のキャンセルは50%いただきます。

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